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Symphony Squirrels

The ONLY music-themed NFT collectibles in the world. Only 120 exclusively minted in Collection 1.


5th Launch on 28 January 2022








Symphony squirrels

About Symphony Squirrels

Symphony Squirrels is a music-loving and supportive community in the NFT space, specially built to support musicians from all around the world.  

Each Symphony Squirrel is carefully designed with an instrument and added with a dedicated music piece. From western instruments like the Piano and Violin to the cultural Gamelan instruments, you’ll want to collect them all.

*Hint* We even have some really cool and rare ones like the Kalimba, Accordion, and Bassoon.

How do we support the musicians?


Empowerment to Musicians

We aim to contribute to the empowerment of musicians and to share their talents. We collaborate with musicians to create exclusive Symphony Squirrel NFTs to share their music creations to the world. Watch this space as we reveal more and more of these collections.  



We aim to donate USD$10,000 to various music foundations to support efforts in providing youth music education and exposure, and to support budding musicians in carving a music career for themselves.

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Vocal_Joel the Alien_Las Puertas Del Destino

Exclusive Symphony Squirrels Orchestra (ESSO)

The VIP Club solely for our NFT owners

An exclusive VIP-only club awaits you.

  • Exclusive badge and ranking in the Discord. Raise through the ranks as you hold on to the NFT
  • Monthly reward of $MUSIC tokens to be given out. Stay and earn!
  • Access to exclusive musician fan meetings and signed merchandise
  • Monthly giveaway surprises, including surprise NFT drops. Strike some gold just for sticking around!
  • Quarterly giveaway surprises, including receiving an exclusive song written just for you by our musicians. We’d be happy to transform it into an NFT for you.
  • Holders of the 1st Launch will receive exclusive early access to our 2nd Launch 
  • And many more!

*Exclusive Symphony Squirrels Orchestra (ESSO) VIP perks and giveaways may be subjected to changes. Stay tuned for more updates..

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