Symphony Squirrels

This project is proudly brought to you by the team behind NFTMUSIC.AI


NFTMUSIC.AI ($MUSIC) is a music ecosystem created to help musicians and creators to safeguard and commercialise their work. Our focus has always been on protecting artistes’ content and creating access for them to release their work fairly and transparently, which is why we built Musette Live livestreaming app and are building Musette Digital which is a music-dedicated NFT platform. It is backed by MRC Ventures, a venture builder company based in Singapore.


NFTMUSIC.AI has released a Live Streaming app that will be the stage for the world’s most talented musicians to share their love for classical, indigenous, and instrumental music.



NFTMUSIC.AI is building a bridge between art and mankind. MUSETTE DIGITAL makes it seamless for creators and musicians to register, sell, and buy unique works on the decentralized web.


The Utility of $MUSIC Token

Users of MUSETTE LIVE can use the $MUSIC token to purchase diamonds.In turn, these diamonds are used to purchase stickers which is a form of virtual gifting in our app. Viewers can express their support by sending these stickers to their favourite streamers.

Subsequently, musicians from MUSETTE LIVE will be able to upload their work onto our NFT platform and put their creations up for sale.Holders will be able to use the $MUSIC token to buy and sell creations to show support for their favourite creator on MUSETTE DIGITAL.

Holders of the Symphony Squirrels NFT will be able to join in the Exclusive Symphony Squirrels Orchestra (ESSO) – our VIP Club solely for our NFT owners, where they will be able to receive monthly reward $MUSIC tokens just by holding on to the NFTs! 

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